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Care and Growth
of Drought-Tolerant
  Flowering Acacia Trees

There are many different types of acacia trees.  Most are able to live off rainfall alone in southern California once they are established. 

Flower color range from creamy white to bright yellow and sometimes in orange.  Some trees are deciduous, some are evergreen.

Mine has grown to about 20 feet tall. It has beautiful silvery gray leaves on golden branches.

I planted this acacia because it is drought tolerant, will cover the back fence (and my neighbor) and they bloom!  Look at these beautiful giant yellow flowers.  They are actually lots of tiny puff balls which smell wonderful too.

I have heavy clay, alkaline soil and no water.  So I was looking for something that fit into my little microclimate and Acacia fit the bill -- AND it blooms in February!

My tree was planted about two years ago.  The first year I gave it weekly regular watering, the second year, maybe once a month during summer, and now, I only have to give the tree a deep soak every few months.

Here's a photo of the tree just before all the blooms opened...

Here are a few photos of the Acacia after the flowers had fully opened up.

They are so beautiful!  Big, bright yellow flowers, and they smell heavenly!

Since the flowers are very small, they are attractive to beneficial insects like the tiny parasitic wasps that eat whiteflies, and the tiny native bees I see around.  Bees like the blooms too, I'm glad to have them around.

yellow acacia tree in flower

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