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Flower meanings from apple tree blossoms to Zinnia. This list of flowers gives you a good start on understanding the most popular flower meanings.

* Apple tree blossom - preference;
* Lemon balm - sympathy;
* Basilica - hatred;
* Calla - feminine beauty;
* Damascene rose - shy love;
* Fuchsia - humble love;
* Gardenia - ecstasy;
* Hyacinth - sorrow;
* Lilac - first feeling of love;
* Horehound - virtue;
* Indian cress - patriotism;
* Pansy - you fill my thoughts;
* Buttercup (crowfoot) - you are attractive;
* Rosemary - memory;
* Salvia - respect;
* Snowberry - heavenly thoughts;
* Viola (violet) - loyalty;

* Zinnia - thoughts of far away friends;
* Forget-me-not - will write;
* Lily - soon you’ll meet;
* Marsh marigold - hatred;
* Rose - love;
* Dianthus - he/she likes you;
* Phlox & Gladiolus - getting married;
* Tulip - wants to meet you;
* Narcissus - asks a question;
* Hepatica - your love makes me happy;
* Globeflower - forever yours. *

Rose color meanings:

* Red rose - love, beauty, courage, respect;
* White rose - purity and innocence, silence, secrecy;
* Pink rose - appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration;
* Yellow rose - joy, friendship, delight, promise of a new beginning;
* Orange rose - desire, enthusiasm;
* Red and white rose - given together, these signify unity;
* Red rosebud - a symbol of purity and loveliness;
* White rosebud - a symbol of girlhood. *

There are a lot more flowers and meaning(s) given to them. Sometimes the meanings differ from location to location. This list should give you a good start on understanding the most popular flower meanings.

Remember, the best gifts are personal and that's what makes them memorable!

Flowers make a perfect gift and now you know why.

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