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Gardening Artwork and Sayings

Please drop by my gardening art store on Zazzle!  

You can now personalize any design!  And all my designs now come on more totes, more T-shirts, canning and craft stickers, blank cards, business cards, new travel mugs and other fun products plus you are helping to support this site and keep it growing.
Drop by and say hello!

A Few of My Designs for Flower Lovers and Kitchen Gardeners
Green Beans and Frying Pans Retro Yellow Checks Green Beans and Frying Pans Retro Yellow Plaid

This design started out as a canning label, but like any good bean it has grown into an entire section!

Cute retro green snap beans with bean sprinkles, in shades of bright green to blue greens pattern with copper orange frying pans on a vintage yellow plaid checked kitchen pattern.
Homegrown Tomatos Retro Gardener Saying Ask About My Home Grown Tomatoes

Boast your garden bounty. Ask about my Home Grown Tomatoes
Tomato Snob Funny Gardener Saying Tomato Snob Funny Gardener or Cook Saying

If it's not homegrown it's crap!  Seriously, aren't you snobby about the tomatoes you grow yourself?  I can't eat those green slimy things any more, I'm a Tomato Snob.
Customizable Floral Gardener designs Customizable Floral Gardener Art

Create the funny gardener saying you've always wanted with the flower garden template with blooming daisy, sunflowers and violets in red, yellow and purple, with a bee, lady bug and a shovel. Provided on t-shirts stickers, totes, mugs and more!
red and white poppies blue cornflowers vintage art Red and White Poppies with Blue Cornflowers

Have you ever planted your garden for the 4th of July?  That's where I got the idea for this one. It started out as a fun patriotic design with red, white and blue flowers but recently I've tried growing them on elegant cards and stationery too.
I dig plants gardener slogan t-shirts totes I Dig Plants Messy Garden Guy Slogan

I Dig Plants Gardening Humor. In a messy font with lots of dirt around the letters.
tree planter gardener saying Vintage Oak Tree Custom Gardener Saying

Add your favorite garden or green saying to this design with vintage art of a giant oak tree on t-shirts, totes and more.
Organic Go Green Nature Saying Organic Green Garden Saying

Organic in decorated capital letters against a background of acorns and oak leaves, surrounded by scrolling leaves
Trust Me Im A Rosarian Funny Gardener Art Trust Me I'm A Rosarian Funny Rose Lover Saying

This was my first version of my rose grower sayings.  It just cracked me up.  Hope you like it.
Violets and Pansy Botanical Art cards Violets and Pansy Botanical Artwork

Pretty yellow, blue and purple violets and pansies restored from vintage botanical paintings.
Pink and Yellow Vintage Botanical Roses Pink and Yellow Vintage Botanical Roses

Antique reproduction of vintage rosa lutea and rosa indica roses by famous French artist Pierre Redoute with blue butterflies.
Tea Roses and Pink Rose of Orleans Botanicals Tea Roses and Pink Rose of Orleans

Botanical Art painted in the 1800's by famous French artist Pierre Redoute This unique version combines two illustrations; Tea Roses and Pink Rose of Orleans. Two colorful butterflies light on the flowers.
Rose Gardener Saying and vintage Artwork Rose Gardener Vintage Floral Art

Rose Gardener saying for rose gardeners, growers and lovers. In pretty script letters with pink and red flowers in bloom along the bottom.
green garden goddess gardener saying Green Garden Goddess Funny Gardener Saying

Garden Goddess, a floral gardening saying for your inner Garden Mistress in gothic decorated letters.
Heirloom Gardens Seed Saver Gardener Saying Heirloom Gardens Seed-Saver Saying

Seed of Yesterday, Feeding the Future.  I wanted to do something fun for people who save seeds every year.  It is such an important thing to do, with delicious results. My designs include seed packets you can customize!
Kiss Me Im Organic Kitchen Gardener saying Kiss Me I'm Organic

Organic Garden Slogan in Leafy Letters.  I'm trying to encourage organic gardening - and organic cooking too!
Butterfly Gardener Artwork and Slogan Butterfly Gardener Gardening Slogan

Featuring Monarch butterflies and colorful moths. Butterfly gardening is so popular, I thought it would be fun to do a design for them.
My Compost Doesn't Stink Gardening Saying My Compost Doesn't Stink Gardening Saying

My Compost Doesn't Stink. Who says garden composters can't have attitude?
Floral and Herbal Art Photography

Floral and Herbal Art Photography

A whole new section of floral art photos with fragrant roses, beautiful wisteria and unique succulent plants!
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