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Care and Growth of
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red kalanchoe plant flowers

Kalanchoes are dependable bloomers with bright colorful flowers. 

They're great succulent plants for dry landscapes or container gardens.  They are also perennial and evergreen.

The most common form of kalanchoe species grown is kalanchoe blossfeldiana and its hybrids. 

These plants grow up to 2 feet tall and as wide.  The have large, leathery leaves about 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. 

The leaf edges are usually lightly scalloped and may have a slight tint of red or other color. 

Flowers are borne in upright, large clusters with flowers of 5 petals.  The stamens are usually yellow and can stand out brightly depending on the flower color.

Kalanchoe flower colors can range from white, bright yellow, glowing orange, red, hot pink and everything in between.  

Flowers can also be creamy, dreamy pastels like cream, sherbert or pink. 

Some have flowers with more than one color, but kalanchoes are mainly known for neon bright colors.

Kalanchoe plants make a bold statement in the garden with their glowing, bold flower colors like bright pink, neon red or yellow. 

Bloom is heaviest in spring, but these can bloom all year.

Seeds saved from hybrid plants will not grow out to be the same as the parent plants.  It is much easier to propagate these plants by rooting cuttings, and you will get getting the same exact plant.

Kalanchoe Water Requirements are Low 

colorful kalanchoe plant flower photosCare is easy, they can take average garden water, but will also grow well with much less.  In my garden a few plants are out in a section with the natives and other drought tolerant plants and they do quite well.

Kalanchoe plants also do well in container gardens. 

They are a bit more forgiving than other plants if you forget to water them!  They look great on the patio or as a focal point on your table.

These plants can take full sun indoors or out.  Outdoors, if it gets over 100 degrees for very long, or your plants develop brown spots it may be getting too much sun.  I've also had luck growing them in part shade.

Indoors kalanchoe plants prefer a bright windowsill with lots of light.  Kalanchoe plants are easy to propagate with leaf or stem cuttings! 

Kalanchoe Plants as Gifts

Kalanchoes make pretty housewarming and hostess gifts.  if you are lucky enough to receive one put it in a bright windowsill, or outdoors on your patio after it stops blooming. It will bloom again next year.

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