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* In sunny southern California, USDA zone 10

* Heavy, clay adobe, alkaline soil.  I use a pitchfork, elbow grease and compost to improve my soil.

* One compost pile in a container from a cool LA County Water Conservation program

* Average 7 inches of rainfall a year.  Not big on watering either!

fridgeThis is what it's all about

theGardenPages was started by a single mom trying to keep the fridge full for The Teenager.

I love gardening and that's how my gardening site was born!

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Thanks to a few bad apples stealing my bandwidth and getting me in trouble,
I am now forced to put up this snippy disclaimer:

These images are intended for use as wallpaper on personal computers ONLY.  I wanted people to have a nice image on their desktop to look at while their boss is screaming at them.
You are not allowed to reproduce images without permission (and a licensing agreement). You are NOT ALLOWED to link to these images. Doing so will subject you to bad karma and ill wishes from all the innocent gardeners who have to wade through this paragraph just to get to the good haworthia bits.

A Garden For Your Desktop

Relax with a nice garden photo wallpaper on your computer.
These plants are happy in my garden so I thought I'd share them with you.  Read more about these and other succulents plants and water saving shrubs on my Succulents and Native Plant page.

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or otherwise scrape my images or text.

French LavendertheGardenPages lavender plant wallpaper by theGardenPages

French lavender (Lavandula dentata) blooms almost all year and is drought tolerant.  It takes full sun to partial shade. 

In my garden, it gets compost for fertilizer and to keep the moisture in.  I give it a little water during the hottest part of summer.  USDA Zones 5-9.

It reaches 3 to 4 tall and 4 to 6 feet wide with narrow green or gray green leaves.  The purple flowers are 1-1 1/2" long.   The flowers are great in fresh arrangements, or can be dried just by hanging.

Lavender is a great insect repellent. Wrap up a few blossoms in a piece of fabric and place in your drawers.  I tuck sprigs into my woodpile to keep out bugs.  Lavender has been used in love potions for centuries.  It is also worn to attract love and elevate mood.  Read more about these fragrant plants on my Lavender Growing Tips Page...

Haworthia CorrectatheGardenPages haworthia plant photo

I just love these little gems.  And they are growing a cult following.  Their leafs are translucent, so they seem to glow from the inside when the sun hits them just right.  They are deep emerald green to light lime green.  The tips of their leaves are like windows looking into the green jelly inside. 

Outdoors, succulent Haworthia plants like shade from the hottest sun or they get orange and burned. Indoors, try them on a bright windowsill out of direct sunlight.  If you are lucky they will reward you with a single white flower on top of a 12” stalk in the winter.  The flower has just two trumpet shaped petals.  Exquisite. USDA Zones 10-11.  Read more about Haworthia on my Succulents and Native Plant Page...

Please DO NOT hotlink, pin, post, copy, download, upload
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Links to Western Native
Plant Nurseries and Garden Organizations

A few seed and plant sites I've discovered over time.  They either have great info on western US natives, drought tolerant plants or succulents & cacti.  I don't get paid for their links, I'm just happy to spread the good word.  Some sites have information about current threats to native plant environments and what you can do to help! 

Since you're feeling plant-y, I encourage you to join and support the local native plant society for your state or region.  You can find a plant society in your area by searching on 'native plant society + your state name' in Google.

California Native Plant Society (CNPS)
California TreeLink The Community Forestry Resource
Far West Bulb Farm (California Native Bulb growers) Home Page
GardenWitchery - Cute page with info on 'planting by the moon' and an illustrated Moon Phase Calendar
J. L. Hudson, Seedsman - my absolute favorite 'underground' seed company now has an online site! (Relax, he still doesn't have a phone and typsets his seed catalogue without computers.) Unique flowers, desert vegetables traded on treks into Indian territory, heirloom tomatoes from frozen Siberia, info on sustainable living, seed saving & germination research
Las Pilitas Nursery - Cool nursery and amazing information on natives.  Here's a page on California native plants used by California butterflies with pictures!
Plants of the Southwest
Redwood City Seed Company
Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers & Native Plants
Urban Bee Gardens - Find out how you can help save the bees!
US Arboretum's Online USDA Zone Map.
US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service - Database on how plants are effected by fire, which are good for fire resistance and info on invasive species
US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Concervation Service, Plants Database - Database on US plants, temperatures and endangered species information
Western Native Seed - Western wildflowers and grass seed

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