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Thank You

I thought it was high time I started a page to say THANK YOU to all my visitors and everyone who had supported theGardenPages by buying my merchandise or contributing to my Seed Fund.

I look forward to getting to know some of you too!

Product Photos

I need photos of people wearing my T-shirts, hats or...

If you have purchased a gardening shirt, tote, sticker, clock or anything else from my store on CafePress I want your photo!

Here's How It Works:
Take a photo of you or the kids, someone you love or the family pet with any item from my store.
Send me a link to your photo so I can post it here.
(Defeat my high-tech spam filter by removing REMOVE CAPS in the address)

Do not mail attachments
I don't have the bandwidth to host them here, sorry.

If you want your name and link to your homepage listed send me:
Your name (or the one you want used) 45 Characters Max,
The link you wish me to use.

Seed Need Patrons

These are the wonderful individuals who have contributed to my "Seed Fund" by buying me a Seed Packet on my web page or blog.

If you wish to be listed on my Seed Patron List (and help me keep my site going) send me a note with
Your PP confirmation number (so I know it's you)
Your name (or the one you want used) 45 Characters Max,
The link back to your homepage of blog.

I Change With The Seasons
Links will remain active for at least three months, longer if space permits.

Like my pages?
Help support my
need for seeds (and food).
$3.95 donation for a Seed Packet
$7.95 for a Color Flat

Grab a free gardening bookmark and download my soothing aloe vera wallpaper for your desktop on my Wallpaper & Links Page...

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